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Welcome To HORB

Shenzhen HORB is an excellent international provider of ESD products, cleanroom products, static control instruments and ESD test equipments. With nearly 20 years of experience in the electronic industry, the company is striving to be a leader in technology innovation, delivering more>>

ESD Training Service

BEST-RESOURCE is the branch of Shenzhen HORB Technology Corp., Ltd. We enhance "For more professional expertise" principle to offer static protective technology training and ESD protecting system consulting services…

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Company News

2015-06-19HORB Launches a New Generation of Static Eliminator: BFN-HFG10 Handheld Ionizing Air Gun

The newly self-developed BFN-HFG10 is a movable static eliminator for eliminating dust and neutralizing static electricity, and features easy-to-use, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc.

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One - stop & Turnkey Supplier of ESD & Cleanroom Resources

As a one-stop and turnkey supplier, HORB offers thousands of high quality and

cost-effective products, including antistatic ESD series, cleanroom series, ESD test equipment and static elimination equipment. They are covering ...

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