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ACL Staticide 5001 Clean Room Staticide
ACL Staticide 5001 Clean Room Staticide
  • ACL Staticide 5001 Clean Room Staticide
  • ACL Staticide 5001 Clean Room Staticide

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The ACL 5001 Clean Room Staticide is a long-lasting formula that eliminates static electricity on floors, chairs, CRT screens, work surfaces, glass, plastics and other static prone materials. This economical formula is sodium and chloride free. Use ACL 500 Staticide for regular maintenance on environmental surfaces and major floor mounted equipment. Apply on hard surfaces with a lint free wipe or an approved clean room mop.

* Class 100 Clean Room approved
* Filtered to less than 0.5 microns
* Non-toxic & non-corrosive
* Bacteriostatic, non-toxic
* Does not dry out
* No powdering or out gassing
* Biodegradable
* Individually bagged to prevent contamination


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