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Anti Static Wrist Strap
Anti Static Wrist Strap
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Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Anti static Wrist Straps, are used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility. It consists of a band of fabric with fine conductive fibers woven into it. The fibers are usually made of carbon or carbon-filled rubber, and the strap is bound with a stainless steel clasp or plate. They are usually used in conjunction with an ESD table mat on the workbench, or a special static-dissipating plastic laminate on the workbench surface.
How does an anti static wrist strap work?
Skin contacts with conductive material on the wrist strap. Static charges building up on body are discharged to the earth through the earth system.
* Anti static wrist strap, with cords
* Protect sensitive electronic components from ESD
* Rubber disk type: 16 pieces of imported conductive
* Discharge time: <0.1s
* Cord length: 2.8M, 3.05M, 4.91M

Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap
Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap is also called Anti-Static Wireless Wrist Strap, how does a cordless wrist strap work? It follows corona and point discharge. Charge building up discharges when it reaches a limit to eliminate electrostatic.
In the inside of the antistatic cordless wrist strap has a little metal button that touches your skin and is attached by wire to, the other end, which clips to ground, and the static is drained off from the button, through the wire, across the clip and into the ground. A piece of copper wire wrapped around your wrist and clipped to ground would do the same thing. In other words there is no such thing as a cordless static discharge strap.
* Protect sensitive electronic components from ESD
* Easy to use, reliable
* Discharge time:<0.5s
* Inner conducting layer is made of stainless shell filaments; Easily adjustable, includes extra strap

ESD Wrist Strap Velcro Wrist Band
* Wrist band material: Velcro
* Wrist band surface resistance: ≤10^5ohm
* Color: blue red green black, black blue and customization
* Coiled cord: PU house, embraced copper platinum wire inside, 1M ohm current-limiting button.
* Cord length: normal 1.8m and 2.4m, customization is available (max length to 10m)
* Mould injection material: PVC
* Plug mode: banana plug
* Specification
* Current-limiting: 1MΩ±5%
* Decay time: 0.1 second

ESD Metal Wrist Straps
ESD Metal Wrist Strap, also known as professional grade tool for ESD control, is premium grade ESD wrist strap featuring a high quality adjustable, one size fits all metal wrist band with an insulating outer surface and stainless steel inner surface and a coil cord. The band is standard with 4mm, machined male snap and provides a 360 degree conductive contact around the wrist, providing maximum skin contact. A shorter, swivel type banana jack increases coil life, prevents cord tangles and fits most bench grounds. It is uses highly conductive copper sulfide nylon thread for conductivity and it has a maximum resistance of 160 ohms. ESD Metal Wrist Straps meet or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006.
* Stainless steel metal band with cord
* Wrist strap band color: Blue.
* Stainless steel Stretchable and flexible metal band design

Silicon Rubber Cleanroom Wrist Strap
Silicon Rubber Cleanroom Wrist Strap is a new style wrist strap. It has integrated bayonet fastener, easy for adjust , comfortable , safe and long life time ,powder free, is quit suitable for cleanroom.
* Silicon rubber cleanroom wrist strap
* Used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility.
* They are usually used in conjunction with an ESD mat on the workbench, or a special static-dissipating plastic laminate on the workbench surface.
* Color: red, blue and yellow
* Internal Resistance: <10E5Ω
* Surface Resistance: >10E7Ω
* Static Decay Time: <0.2s

Anti-Static Heel Strap
Static sensitive components can be damaged by being handled while you are not properly grounded. This anti-static heel strap can be used together with special conductive floor tile as part of a comprehensive anti-static program.
Anti-static heel straps allow freedom of movement around the shop environment without the restriction of a wrist strap ground cord leashing you to a bench. For complete anti-static protection, two anti-static heel straps are recommended. One anti-static heel strap should be worn on each foot. Velcro straps are pulled over the top of the foot to secure the anti-static heel strap in place. The nylon ribbon should be tucked into your sock or into your shoe. The nylon ribbon should make contact with skin, or at minimum, with the sweaty moisture in your shoe in order to provide a path to ground for the static electricity.
* Provides static protection on conductive floor tile
* Velcro adjustable to fit all adult shoe sizes
* Color: blue, green and black
* Dual layered heel cup
* Resistivity: 1 to 2 megohms
* One anti-static heel strap per package
* Decay time: 0.1 second

Antistatic Grounding Line Part Series
* 1MΩ resistor in each socket only
* 0MΩ also possible


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