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Cleanroom Uniform Washing
Cleanroom Uniform Washing
  • Cleanroom Uniform Washing


Cleanroom Uniform Cleaning
In the industrial production course of photoelectric, semiconductor, precision process, molded and pharmacy, there exists potential contamination source, however, the largest imperilment while the easiest being controlled is operators' contaminations. Operators' movements always generate particles, including: Active particles (such as: bacteria, yeast and so on), inactive particles (such as:  hair, scurf and so forth), chemical matter (such as: natrium, kalium, magnesium, chloride, etc).

At the present time, the most efficient method is to clean working uniform in clean room to remove dust or particles. By doing this, can reduce contaminations caused by operators. The management of clean uniform plays a very important role in contamination control. Usually, clean uniform can be cleaned one time per week. But in some environments, they should be cleaned each day, even exchange clean uniform cleaned when he or she enter the clean room. Cleaning degree in clean room is very high. In common environments cleaning uniform can absorb dust and bacteria. The uniform may be contaminated by natural water or solvents secondly, In the meantime, hazards of absorbing dust and microbiology also exist in the course of package and transportation, so the uniform must be isolated and cleaned in special no dust cleaning method.


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