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Conductive PP Strap
Conductive PP Strap
  • Conductive PP Strap


Conductive PP Strap

* Antistatic/Conductive PP Strap 
* Used to bundle IC shipping trays, e.g. Prior to oven-baking
* Made of coated. Black polypropylene
* Resistivity:10e4-10e6 ohm/sq
* Size(±5%): 0.6mm (Thickness)x9mm(Width)x1200m(Length), 0.6mm(Thickness)x12mm(Width)x1500m(Length)
* Heat resistant: shrinkage at 150℃ for 24h: 4%
* Supplied on a roll for use in electric strapping machine core diameter 200mm, width 190mm, weight approx 5kg
* Application: Suitable for Strapping of IC trays/tubes during burn-in test and transportation


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