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ECO-F01 Benchtop AC Ionizing Blower
ECO-F01 Benchtop AC Ionizing Blower
  • ECO-F01 Benchtop AC Ionizing Blower


ECO-F01 Ionizing Blower
The Model ECO-F01 Ionizing Blower is a single fan desktop AC Ionizing Blower with outstanding performance to eliminate static. It is the ideal static-eliminating device for electronic assembly line and repair station.


* Working Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
* Working Current: 0.13Amps (at the highest air speed)
* Air Output: 100CFM (at the highest air speed)                        
* Ion Balance Voltage: ≤±10V  
* Working Distance: 300mm~900mm
* Working Temperature: 0℃~5 0℃
* Working Humidity: 35%~75%RH
* Material: cold rolled steel plates
* Dimensions: D88mmX W140mmXH222mm
* Color: off-white + black (bracket)
* Weight: 2.8kg

ECO-F02 Overhead AC Ionizing Blower
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