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KANBO Cleanroom Wipers
KANBO Cleanroom Wipers
  • KANBO Cleanroom Wipers


KANBO Cleanroom Wipers
* Optional items and different specifications of KANBO super clean wipers, widely applied and used in class 10-1000 cleanroom in semiconductor, LCD, electronic industries. 
* Material: web lapping polyester, parallel laying polyester, complex laying polyester, micro fiber, double increased density micro fiber, taffeta, random laying cloth, and also available for customized samples.
* Size: 12”x12”, 9”x9”, 6”x6”, 4”x4”, 100pcs/150pcs/300pcs/600pcs per bag in double-layer PE bags or specialized super clean packaging using in cleanrooms.
* Sealing: Laser sealing, Ultrasonic sealing, Wide sealing side and non-sealing.
* Weight: 100g, 110g, 120g, 130g, 180g, 190g, 210g, 240g etc, customized weight also available. SMT Silk Screen Roller Wipers


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