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Static and Dynamic Pass Box
Static and Dynamic Pass Box
  • Static and Dynamic Pass Box
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Static and Dynamic Pass Box
We are committed to quality in the offered Static and Dynamic Pass Box, which is used for transfer of material from one place to another in isolation by means of mechanical/electromagnetic door interlocking process that assures opening of only one door at a time. It helps in preventing cross contamination between two areas. This is accessory equipment for clean room which facilitates small articles passed between clean areas or between clean and unclean areas to decrease times of door opening and minimize contamination in the clean room.

* Inside is made of smooth stainless steel, while outside of quality steel treated with electrostatic spray coating.
* Mechanical or electronic interlock ensures two doors can't open at the same time.
* Indicator light turns on when another door on the back side is opened.
* Sealing strips are used to ensure air tightness.

Optional accessories:

* Inside light or ultraviolet light for sterilization
* Audible and visual alarm system
* Full stainless steel pass box


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