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ACL 300B Precision Static Locator
ACL 300B Precision Static Locator
  • ACL 300B Precision Static Locator
  • ACL 300B Precision Static Locator

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The ACL 300B Precision Static Locator is a high-quality, portable, non-contact voltage meter. When used properly, it will consistently produce accurate readings with ease and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

This meter’s accuracy is dependent upon three factors:
* The instrument must be properly zeroed.
* The distance between the surface of the sensitive electrode and the target or surface under examination must be accurately defined.
* The target must be large relative to the sensitive electrode.

Features of ACL 300B Precision Static Locator:

* Convenient pocket-size
* Lightweight
* Excellent reproducibility of readings
* Standard 9-volt battery included
* Long battery life
* Multiple ranges
* Low drift
* Accuracy ± 10% of full scale at ½” spacing
* Battery Test switch


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