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ACL 750 Combo Tester
ACL 750 Combo Tester
  • ACL 750 Combo Tester
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  • ACL 750 Combo Tester

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The ACL 750 Combo-Tester measures electrical resistance of wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually. The ACL 750 can do what pass/fail testers cannot: Give actual resistance readings and store data.

When the software is used, test results are stored on a computer which allows you to monitor and analyze test information and help manage your company’s static control program.

* Tests both wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually at a safe19 volts
Accommodates both U.S. standard and dual wire (constant monitor) wrist straps
Reads actual resistance of wrist straps and heel grounders from 500 kilohms up to 100 megohms, with an option up to 1000 megohms
Alarm points may be programmed to any value for any employee or default limits (ESDA recommended limits) can automatically be used
Allows employee access by keyboard, mouse, barcode, magnetic stripe or proximity card
Allows for new employees to be added easily the first time they use the tester

Size: 9.5 x 15.2 x 3.8cm
Weight:1002S (0.284kg)
Accuracy: ±10%
Resistance Ranges:
Wrist strap: Low: 500k,750k ohms; High: 2M/5M/10M/25M/35M/50M/75M/100M
Footwear: Low: 500k,750k ohms; High:2M/5M/10M/25M/75M/100M
Conforms to ANSI / ESDA 20.20 standard and EU CE standard


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