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ACL900 Chair Tester Kit
ACL900 Chair Tester Kit
  • ACL900 Chair Tester Kit
  • ACL900 Chair Tester Kit

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The ACL 900 Chair Tester is designed to check all of the elements of the seat, back, and arms of chairs in ESD environments.

The chair is easy to use with an easy to read display. Dual measurements LEDs offer a reliable chair measurement in seconds. More importantly, this chair measures resistance to ground.

The ACL 900 comes complete with a stainless steel chair castor plate, an insulating plate, connecting leads and a unique analog meter incorporating quick reference color-coded LEDs to indicate the conductive, dissipative, and insulative conditions of the chair.


* Size: approx 95mm (4")W x 190mm (81/2")L x 50mm (2")H
* Weight with case: 4 pounds
* Power:  Battery 9volt
* Test range: 103~1012Ω
* Test voltage: automatically adjust 10v conductive /100V dissipative± 10%
* Accuracy: ±10%


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