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Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats Yellow
Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats Yellow
  • Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats Yellow
  • Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats Yellow

  • Specification/ Manual : Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats Yellow
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Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats are designed to reduce fatigue that is caused by standing for long periods on hard surface (such as: cement floors). There are many different types of workplaces and finding the right anti-fatigue mat for your application is important. Anti Fatigue mats can reduce body stress and workmen‘s compensation claims, while improving company morale and productivity. 

* Size: 910*610*15\20mm, 710*610*15\20mm, 610*610*15\20mm, 510*610*15\20mm, customize Length available
* Static dissipative surface resistance:10E8-10E9Ω;
* Conductive(antistatic) surface resistance(ESD permanence): 10E3-10E5Ω
* Upper Material: Antistatic PVC 
* Middle layer Material: Antistatic bubble


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