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Anti-Static Brushes
Anti-Static Brushes
  • Anti-Static Brushes
  • Anti-Static Brushes

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Anti-static brushes or ESD Brushes provide manufacturers of electronics and static charge sensitive products the tools for cleaning and manufacturing that do not create static charges. Shenzhen HORB's anti-static brushes are made from low charging materials and natural bristle materials that are near neutral on the triboelectric chart. These anti-static brushes neither give nor take electrons and, therefore, remain essentially electrically neutral.

* Antistatic brushes with conductive plastic handle
* Surface resistance of handle:≤107Ω
* Surface resistance of lever handle:≤109Ω
* Hair: antistatic plastic threads, animal hair or metal wire
* Custom hair length and stiffness available
* Firm brushes are mainly for electronics, especially circuit boards; Very soft brushes can be used for optics etc.


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