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Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes
Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes
  • Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes
  • Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes

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Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes
Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes are designed for use where electrostatic discharge (ESD) and/or exposure to high temperature is a concern. The ESD tapes are naturally anti-static or are treated to produce an anti-static surface to generate very low voltage during unwind and use. Available with conductive adhesive and with conductive grids embedded between strong polypropylene layers.

* For ESD sensitive environments such as sealing anti-static bags, packing of electronic components, medical instruments, precision mechanical equipment, and splicing of films
* High temperature polyimide tape with silicon adhesive can withstand temperature up to 600°F (315°C) for use during circuit board manufacturing
* Surface resistance:10E7Ω~10E8Ω
* Optional width available
* Anti-Static Heat-Proof Tapes color: coffee


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