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Anti Static PE Grid Bags
Anti Static PE Grid Bags
  • Anti Static PE Grid Bags
  • Anti Static PE Grid Bags

  • Specification/ Manual : Anti Static PE Grid Bags
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Anti Static PE Grid Bags
Anti Static PE Grid Bags are fabricated from low density Polyethylene having antistatic property to protect components (such as PC board, IC integrated circuit, CD driver, HD etc.) from ESD damages. These bags are available in roll tubing, zip lock, cut sheet, and so forth.

* Material: LDPE
* Clear anti-static PE bag printed with network black conductive oil ;
* Offers excellent electrostatic discharge performance and conductive function ;
* Protects contents from damage of electrostatic;
* Translucent, so the goods inside can be easily recognized from outside;
* Company pattern or logo can be printed as per customer's specification
* Surface resistivity: Inter layer:<10E12ohms/sq, Outer layer:<10E5ohms/sq


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