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Antistatic Latex Gloves
Antistatic Latex Gloves
  • Antistatic Latex Gloves
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Latex gloves, also known as general purpose latex gloves or disposable gloves, are widely used in Electronic, Medical and Cleanroom applications. Antistatic Latex Gloves provides the best value and are designed for cleanroom and static charged environment. These Antistatic Latex Gloves are powder free and ambidextrous. They have textured surface and beaded cuffs. Surface resistivity is 1011. Static decay of 2 seconds and triboelectric charge of 50V max. It is compatible with ASTM D-6319 standards.

* Applications: Hospital, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Photonics and Semiconductor.
* Size: 9in, 12in, XL, L, M, S, XS available
* Class100, class1000 and normal level optional


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