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BFN Ground Monitoring Systems,SALM-1802-l
BFN Ground Monitoring Systems,SALM-1802-l
  • BFN Ground Monitoring Systems,SALM-1802-l
  • BFN Ground Monitoring Systems,SALM-1802-l

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Static Ground Monitoring Systems, BFN-SALM-1802-l
* BFN Ground Monitoring Systems, SALM-1802-I
* Compact, easy-to-install, easy-to-use
* Working after switching on
* Automatic alarm function
* Simultaneous monitor of two wrist straps and mat
* Automatic switch
* Adjustable monitoring resistance
* Operating Environments: temperature 0~50℃, relative humidity 20%~85%RH
* Operating Voltage: AC220V/50Hz(±15%)
* Alarm Resistance:>10MΩ(1×107Ω)
* Response Time: <50mS
* Color: blank
* Material: Cold rolled steel plates
* Dimension (W*H*D): 80mmx24mmx118mm(Main Monitor), 51mmx23mmx92mm(Monitor Control Unit)


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