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Cleanroom Half Finger Glove Liners
Cleanroom Half Finger Glove Liners
  • Cleanroom Half Finger Glove Liners
  • Cleanroom Half Finger Glove Liners

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Offering the most fingertip dexterity in a glove liner, Shenzhen HORB’s Reusable Half-Finger Nylon Cleanroom Glove is comfortable and durable. Its sturdy design allows for laundering, making it reusable and significantly lowering your cost while also being environmentally friendly. It is lightweight as well as robust, increasing comfort. Its universal size eliminates the need for sorting during laundering. Why Glove Liners? Cleanroom glove liners can improve operator comfort during extended wear of controlled environment latex, PVC/vinyl or nitrile gloves. They also decrease sweating and the occurrence of contact dermatitis.

* Stretch nylon construction allows increased flexibility and comfort 
* Form fitting nature is perfect for high dexterity applications 
* Half finger length, ambidextrous


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