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Cleanroom Print paper
Cleanroom Print paper
  • Cleanroom Print paper
  • Cleanroom Print paper

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Cleanroom Paper is made without organic fillers to substantially reduce the risk of particle generation and contamination. Paper has excellent strength and heat resistance for use in copy machines and laser printers. HORB’s cleanroom paper features improved flatness, which allows for better performance in printing equipments. HORB’s cleanroom paper comes in 8.5x11-inch size in pink, white, blue and green; and in 11x17-inch, available in white. All Paper is Not Created Equal. A controlled environment requires a specialized paper that won't introduce any contamination like particulates or filters. At the same time, this paper needs to work with all standard office equipment like high-speed laser copiers and printers. Cleanroom paper should also possess the ability to be archived for indefinite periods of time.


* Special fiber structure to reduce dust particle effectively

* Enhancement of ink absorption when printing and copying

* Various size available

* Various colors available, including white, pink, white, blue and green, etc

* Applications: writing and copying in cleanroom class 100 or 1000


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