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Cleanroom Sticky Mats
Cleanroom Sticky Mats
  • Cleanroom Sticky Mats
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  • Cleanroom Sticky Mats

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Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Controlled environment cleanroom sticky mats need to be stored horizontally and must be stacked with care. When stored vertically or with heavy objects on top of them, the tacky film can become damaged. Damaged film can be spotted in the form of bubbles and veins. These bubbles and veins cause the mat to have an irregular surface, which leads to delamination of the mat from the floor. Be aware of the environment you store your tacky mats in. Extreme cold hardens the adhesive on the mat and renders it ineffective. This will not cause permanent damage to the adhesive, but the mat must have a chance to “warm up” before being placed. Extreme heat, however, will break down the adhesive and cause permanent damage. Temperatures above 80 degrees can melt the adhesive, and if they are stored vertically, the adhesive will begin to run.

Features of Cleanroom Sticky Mats:
* Thin sticky sheet, specially treated
* Digital label on edge helping identification and use
* Economical and practical
* Multiple sizes available
* Applicable to personnel in clean room and inlet for material

* Size (inch): 18 *36 / 18 *45 / 24 *36 / 26 *45
* Material: LDPE
* Color: blue/white/grey/transparent/green/black
* Viscosity: low/middle/high
* Thickness: 0.035mm/0.04mm/0.045mm/0.05mm
* Film: 30 films/mat; 60 films/mat
* Package: 8 mats/ctn, 10 mats/ctn


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