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A desiccant is a type of material capable of absorbing water vapor. It can absorb the water vapor in the external environment through the physical or chemical methods and lock it, so as to realize the dry and moisture resistance purposes. At present, the widely used absorbents for dry and moisture resistance mainly comprise: montmorillonite, active mine, silica gel, molecular sieve, calcium chloride.
Packed desiccant is a general type desiccant developed for industrial packaging, it adopts "g" as measuring unit. There are different varieties of absorbent sand and multiple packaging materials to meet your different needs. Available in two categories of back seal and three sides seal, 0.5g-1000g complete range of specifications and competitive price structure. It can be used widely in electronic products, metal products, electromechanical machinery, daily hardware, shoes, hats and leather sectors.

Active mineral Montmorillonite
Molecular sieve
The adsorbent of container
Indication silica gel Silica gel


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