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Different Types of Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers are used for variety of purposes, basically to clean the floor, to save the person from electric shocks, and to protect from water. They also protect the shoes from mud, dust, grease, and other things. These are manufactured from variety of material depending upon the nature of work these are going to serve.

As it has many uses, the demand of this has been increased considerably. More and more people are becoming aware about their safety protection by the means of these covers. This is the reason we have observed a huge rise in the number of shoe cover manufactures, suppliers, and exporters. The material with which these are created includes polypropylene, cloth, rubber, polyethylene, and tyvek. To attract people and to make it more for use, these covers are also available in different designs as well as printed patterns. 

For medical purpose spunbond polypropylene is a perfect choice. The reason is as they are strong, disposable, and skin resistant. These are durable and work effectively in tough conditions. Those working with electric gadgets, wires, circuits use to wear shoes covers and Anti static gloves in order to protect their body from electric surges and shocks. Different types of materials used in manufacturing of these covers have been mentioned below, have a look: 

Polypropylenes  This kind of material is perfect for making the shoes covers for dusty and grimy environment. It is also good to place it at the entrance of doors where the traffic walks in. It also protects indoor carpet from dust and mud to come inside the place. 

Rubber Shoe Covers  Rubber is material that doesn't allow electricity to pass through it. So, this material as aforementioned is used to make shoe covers particularly for people working in electronic industry and electrical industry. These covers protect an individual from shocks while working with electric devices, equipments, wires, and circuits. 

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