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ECO-H03T High Voltage Ion Generator
ECO-H03T High Voltage Ion Generator
  • ECO-H03T High Voltage Ion Generator


An Ion Generator or an Ioniser is a device which creates ions and puts them into the air. A high negative voltage of around 5000V will make negative ions and a high positive voltage will make positive ions. This model is ECO-H03T High Voltage Ion Generator.

Specifications of ECO-H03T High Voltage Ion Generator:
* Voltage input: AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110V/60Hz;
* Current input: 0.12A or 0.23A;
* Voltage output: 5.6kv×2;
* Current output: Max 4.5mA;
* Working environment temperature: 0℃~50℃;
* The length of power cord: 1.2m;
* Weight: 3.2kgs
* Short Circuit Protection: <3s;
* Dimensions: D137mm×W100mm×H114mm


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