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ECO-S01 Ionizing Air Snake
ECO-S01 Ionizing Air Snake
  • ECO-S01 Ionizing Air Snake
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  • ECO-S01 Ionizing Air Snake

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HORB Ionizing Air Snake is designed to neutralize static charge eliminate contaminates. It features a self contained HV power unit, foot pedal, and adjustable neck. The Ionizing Air Snake is equipped with auto ion balance and abnormal HV alarm system.
The ECO-S01 Ionizing Snake is the perfect solution for those who need pin point ionization of static sensitive components. While eliminating static charge it also removes any charged particles or debris that can collect on components. The adjustable neck provides the freedom of use for operators as well as precision ionization.


* The body is light and small;
* Eliminate static rapidly;
* Adjustable air volume;
* Balance voltage: 0V ±15V
* Flexible ionizing nozzle can be positioned to produce a clean ionized stream to a target surface;


* Working Voltage: 5.6kV
* Working Current: ≤300μA
* Air Flux: >300CFM(5kgF/cm2)
* Compressed Air Pressure: 3~5kg/cm2
* Ozone Concentration: 0.03ppm
* Environment Temperature: 0℃~50℃


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