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Electrostatic Field Meter BFN-TE1003
Electrostatic Field Meter BFN-TE1003
  • Electrostatic Field Meter BFN-TE1003
  • Electrostatic Field Meter BFN-TE1003

  • Specification/ Manual : Electrostatic Field Meter BFN-TE1003
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The Model TE1003 Electrostatic Field Meter is a high-quality, portable, chopper-stabilized and non-contacting electrostatic field meter designed for measuring and auditing electrostatic fields in ESD sensitive areas so that operators can find them before they become a problem. It can consistently produce accurate readings with ease and provide years of trouble-free operation. Powered by a 9V battery, the electrostatic field meter features a conductive, impact-resistant case and a convenient snap-on ground lead to facilitate grounding and increase accuracy.

* Static voltage: 0-±1.49KV(min), ±1.0KV-±22KV(max)
* Balance: 0-±220V
* Testing distance: 25mm±0.5mm (distance between the tested items and LED)
* Reaction time: Less than 5 time/second with data updating
* Accuracy: ±10%
* Power Supply: DC 9V
* Weight: p138g (exclude the battery)
* Size: (L*W*H) 123*73*25mm
* Color: grey
* Material: Antistatic ABS plastic

What is Electrostatic Field Meter?
An electrostatic field meter, also called a static meter is a tool used in the static control industry. It is used for non-contact measurement of electricity charge on an object. It measures the electrostatic field of an object in volts, measuring both the initial peak voltage and the rate at which it falls away.


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