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ESD Table Mats
ESD Table Mats
  • ESD Table Mats
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  • ESD Table Mats

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ESD Table Mats

ESD Table Mats (also called Antistatic Table Mats) are made of two layers of polyvinyl chloride foam surrounding a layer of conductive fleece to form an expanded static-dissipative work surface. Our high-quality dissipative mats are designed to harmlessly drain charges from personnel, circulation boxes, bags, components, etc.

Features of ESD table mats:
* Application: Aviation, Cleanroom, Computer Operators, Computer Technicians, Electronic assembly, Fiber Optics manufacturing,
* Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Industries
* Size W(M) X L(M) : 0.6 X 10, 0.8 X 10, 0.9 X 10, 1.0 X 10, 1.2 X 10
* COLOR: Green/black, Gray/black, Blue/black, Green/Green, black/black, Blue/Blue
* Thickness: 2mm and 3mm
* Surface resistance: Top layer (static dissipative): ≤108ohm/square; Bottom layer (conductive): 104ohm/square


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