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EST802 ESD Generator
EST802 ESD Generator
  • EST802 ESD Generator
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The Model EST802 ESD Generator (ESD Simulator or ESD gun) can be continuous adjusted electrostatic discharge pulses voltage from 0 to ±20KV in both air and contact discharge operations. Exceeding industry ESD test standards requiring pulse voltages of 8kv (contact)/15 kV(air). Basic model is supplied with 150 pF/330 ohm network in compliance with IEC/EN 61000-4-2,IEC 1000-4-2 and IEC 801-2 / 1991, and other optional extra discharge networks is available 

Features of the Model EST802 ESD Generator
* The output voltage of contact discharge (CD) and air discharge ( AD) is 0 ~ ±20 KV, convenient, replaceable contact discharge/ air discharge tip.
* Digital display, high precision (better than 1%), high stability (0.5%), high distinguish (10V).  
* Output voltage is continuous adjustable. It can freely choose the value & electrode of tested voltage.
* This ESD Generator is the lightest static discharge gun in the world.
* The key part's voltage durability is 10KV~20KV better than international and national criterion required. It can completely ensure the safety of human and devices.
* With optional discharge mode, one time, once/second, 20 times/second and other modes are available. We can also set the discharge frequency according to customer's requirements.
* With multi-function, main body can act as high precision (1%), high stability (less than 0.1%), and continuous adjustable high voltage power supply. It's used for calibrating static voltage meter and other experiment.


* Energy-storage capacitance:150 pF±10%
* Discharge resistance:330Ω ±10%
* Charge resistance: 50M-100M ohm
* Discharge current ascending: 0.7ns ~1ns
* Contact discharge output voltage: 0 ~ ±20 KV, continuous adjustable.
* Air discharge output voltage: 0 ~ ±20 KV, continuous adjustable.
* Acceptable error of output voltage: <±1% ( 1~ ±20 KV)  
* Electrode of output voltage: positive or negative (can switch freely)
* Holding period: longer than 5s
* Stability of output voltage: 0.5% (24 hours)
* Voltage display: 31/2 bit display, voltage display distinguish: 10V  
* Discharge current electric wave and pulse parameter: accord with International Electricity Industrial Community IEC/EN61000-4-2 or national GB/T 1 7626.2-1998 criterion.
* Operation condition: temperature: 5~40 OC, relative humidity: 20~80%, no coagulate dew, air pressure: 68~106kpa.  
* Power supply: AC85V~240V/50Hz
* Dimension and weight: 28cm(L)*13cm(W)*28cm(D), about 4kg. (the weight may be slightly different among items produced at different year)


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