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Lean Pipe Work Table
Lean Pipe Work Table
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Lean Work Table
Lean work tables are different from traditional workstations. Value-adding operator’s perspective is the key. Focus area while designing Lean working tables.

We design final goal is beforehand the rentability high comfortable factory. In order to serve this purpose to have the necessity to alter to the physical distribution assembly line the most appropriate process line, enables it to achieve the most suitable condition. Looked like now such manufacturing industry faced with has changed specially the Wei time, was the adaptation drive change market requirement, the nimble flexible production system appeared especially important. Final goal comes here to help you solve this problem.

Construction of our Flexible Line Stick:
* Out layer of resin material: PE, ABS.
In the middle is the Dupond hot melt adhesive  
The inner material is steel strip (195L)
The inner is the anticorrosive coating
   Standard diameter: 28MM (general size in domestic)
   Pipe wall thickness: 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0 (MM).
   Pipe inner diameter: 24.5 ~ 24.7MM
   Resin thickness: 28 - (24.5 ~ 24.7)- pipe wall thickness
   Tube length: regular 4M, 6M, 8M, etc., or customize allowed
   Color of Flexible Line Stick: cream, white, black (conductive), green, red, silver and blue


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