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Monitor Calibration Unit, SALM-1800
Monitor Calibration Unit, SALM-1800
  • Monitor Calibration Unit, SALM-1800
  • Monitor Calibration Unit, SALM-1800

  • Specification/ Manual : Monitor Calibration Unit, SALM-1800
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SALM1800 Monitor Calibration Unit is designed to simplify the process of calibrating Workstation Continuous Monitors. The unit allows the user to quickly and easily verify whether a tester is operating within specifications. The Monitor Calibration Unit is a passive device and requires no power source.

* 1 Monitor Calibration Unit
1 Alligator Clip
1 Stacking Snap Adapter
1 Banana Plug / Wire Adapter
1 Certificate of Calibration


* Type: Monitor Calibration Unit, BFN-SALM1800
* Dimensions: (W*H*D) 81mm×35mm×120mm
* It is a piece of passive equipment, and it doesn't need power supply


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