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PU Antistatic Butterfly Shoes
PU Antistatic Butterfly Shoes
  • PU Antistatic Butterfly Shoes


PU Anti Static Shoes:
PU Anti Static Shoe (also known as PU ESD Shoe) is made from PU leather with direct injection moulding method. It is oil resistance and thus non slip. These PU Anti Static Shoes are suitable for use in ESD production control area.

* Absolute environment friendly, accord with requirements of ISO14000 or above ranks environment friendly system.
* Not to emit odor and not to contaminate air.
* Material of insole: wearable, slip-proof, odorous-proof, bacteria-proof.
* The select resistance value accepted by international: 106-109ohms.
* High quality: two to three times longer than life of PVC shoes and one time higher than PVC pricing. 
* Wearable; our company guarantee that the PU shoes can be wore one year without no rupture.
* Adopt Taiwan imported material: top-grade and wearable.
* PU particle sole material imported from Japan: wearable, slip-proof.
* No thread used, sticky fast and no air emitting.
* Custom style and size available (follow OEM)


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