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Static Shielding Bubble Bags
Static Shielding Bubble Bags
  • Static Shielding Bubble Bags
  • Static Shielding Bubble Bags
  • Static Shielding Bubble Bags

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Static Shielding Bubble Bags
Shenzhen HORB's ESD Static Shielding Bubble Bag has metalized film laminated to low-charging bubble material. The bag protects ESD sensitive contents from electrostatic fields, electrostatic discharges (ESD), and physical damage. 
* Combines ESD shielding and mechanical protection
* Shields about twice as well as a normal shielding bag of equivalent size
* Flap can be tucked in to enclose contents or folded down and held in place by a label
* Inner layer is amine-free antistatic film
* Middle layer is antistatic bubble
* Outer layer is buried metal shielding film
* Rs inside and out: 10E9Ω to 5*10E10Ω, T1000:<2 sec at 50% RH


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