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TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter
TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter
  • TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter
  • TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter

  • Specification/ Manual : TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter
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A megohmmeter is a high resistance meter dedicated to measure an ohmic value under a direct voltage of great stability. A megohmmeter is also called a high resistance tester, a megger and a high insulation tester. The Model TR1800 Digital Megohmmeter is a battery powered digital insulation resistance tester. It is designed to measure insulation resistance, continuity, voltage and to measure resistance.


Resistivity: 10E3-10E12ohms/sq
Resistance: 10E3-10E12ohms
Relative Humidity: 10%-90%RH
Temperature: 0-37.7℃
Measuring Voltage: 10V-100V
Tester Size: (L*W*H) 190*W100*H40mm
Power Supply: 9V


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