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Washable Sticky Rollers
Washable Sticky Rollers
  • Washable Sticky Rollers
  • Washable Sticky Rollers

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Washable Sticky Roller
The super sticky surface will quickly pick up lint, hair and light dirt from almost any surface, but instead of ripping off sticky sheets, you simply rinse with water to prepare for more cleaning. The seemingly magical material is safe on any kind of clothing or furniture, and even with constant use, it will remain incredibly tacky for years due to its quality. Get this washable lint roller set to always be prepared, and allow yourself to rinse with water and reuse over and over again.

Features of our Washable Lint Rollers
* Applicable to PCB, stainless steel plate, film for dusting. 
* Color: Blue
* SIZE: 1", 2", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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