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WIP-0609 Polyester & Cellulose Blend Wiper
WIP-0609 Polyester & Cellulose Blend Wiper
  • WIP-0609 Polyester & Cellulose Blend Wiper
  • WIP-0609 Polyester & Cellulose Blend Wiper

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This 9 x 9-inch ultra-pure cleanroom wiper is ideal for cleaning and maintaining areas where moderate contamination control is required. Each durable and absorbant wipe is composed of a white colored 55% cellulose/45% polyester non-woven blend. Wipe has low particles and extractables, no chemical binders, and is solvent resistant. This wipe is designed for use in Class 1000-100 cleanrooms. It is supplied 300 wipes per bag, with 12 bags per case (3600 wipes). Its material is 55% Cellulose and 45% Polyester Non-Woven Blend. The color is White and the Part No is WIP-0609.


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