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Yellow ESD Warning Tape
Yellow ESD Warning Tape
  • Yellow ESD Warning Tape


Yellow ESD Warning Tape

* Yellow ESD Warning Tape, suitable for use in an EPA
* Tape Type: Safety, Hazard Warning
* Tape Backing Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
* Tape Width: 50mm
* Does not generate electrostatic charge
* Printed yellow with black logo and text
* Paper tape with water-based acrylic adhesive

Anti Static Labels
Anti-static labels are ideal for product identification, barcode identification, and processing labels in ESD sensitive environments.
* Designed for thermal transfer printing systems
* Option for polyester or polyimide face stock material
* Permanent adhesive to ensure product durability
* Spec & content customize available
* Self-adhesive type: Printing on the yellow paper

EPA Retractable Belt Barrier
The EPA Retractable Belt Barrier is designed for delimiting an EPA easily and safely. The belts are printed on both sides in yellow belts so the indication of EPA can be seen obviously.  The belts are 50mm width , with double-sided black print "ESD PROTECTED AREA", includes a safety clip against unauthorized detaching.
Comparing to the ESD Floor Marking Tape, it would be:
* Replaceable belt head with tension control, yellow Polyester belt
* Setting up a quick and effective barrier of EPAs
* Durable to save the replacement cost and reduce pollution to environment
* Removable and resetting the EPAs anywhere
* Warning the visitors not to across the EPAs freely
* #201 polished stainless steel
* Conductive rubber base plate, Resistance: ≤10E9
* Weight: 9.6kg


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