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Personal Protection Service
Antistatic Clothing/ ESD Caps & ESD Hats/ ESD Gloves/ ESD Shoes.
Anti-Static<p>Consumable Series</p>
Anti Static Packaging Bags/ Anti Static Brushes/ Antistatic Mats/ Antistatic Storage Boxes/ Anti Static Tweezers/ Anti Static Vacuum Pen/ Anti Static Wrist Strap/ Conductive Foam/ ESD Chairs & Stools/ ESD Racks &
Consumable<p>for Cleanroom Series</p>
Antistatic & Cleanroom finger Cots/ Anti-Static Tapes and Labels/ Cleanroom Office Supplies/ Cleanroom Sticky Products/ Cleanroom Mops/ Cleanroom Swabs/ Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner/ Cleanroom Wipers/ ESD curtain & portiere.
Cleaning Equipment<p>and Engineering Series</p>
Dry Cabinets/ ESD Workbenches/ Cleanroom Air Showers/ Cleanroom Filter/ Anti Static Flooring.
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Instrument <p>and Equipment Series</p>
Static Ground Monitoring Systems/ ESD Tester & Measurement/ lonizing Air Blower/ lonizing Air Guns and Nozzles/ lonizing Air Bars/ Particle Counter.
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Service advantages

Our mission is to be the premier manufacturer by providing best-in-class customer service and superior asset quality/value.

Besides our excellence on ODM business, we also offer competative OEM service.
More than ten years of professional electrical manufacturers.
We already ship hundreds of containers of our products to customers in different countries every year.
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About Us
Shenzhen HORB is an excellent international provider of ESD products, cleanroom products, static control instruments and ESD test equipments. With nearly 15 years of experience in the electronic industry, the company is striving to be a leader in technology innovation, delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world. Shenzhen HORB has three wholly-funded subsidiaries: Shenzhen BFN TECH Development Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen BEST-RESOURCE Consulting Co., LTD. and Shanghai Zelan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen HORB is a member of Antistatic Device Committee of China Electronic Instrument Association, board of directors of Shanghai Antistatic Association and also the member of ESDA of USA.

Our mission is to be a best supplier of quality products and services in the ESD industry. We are committed to excellence and product innovation in each market we serve. Prompt and thorough response to our customers’ needs is HORB’s hallmark. Quality is every HORB employee’s responsibility. Till now, HORB has obtained a worldwide reputation in the development of electrostatic control equipment and clean room systems....
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Corporate News
Here are the latest news about our company and industry. Read these posts to get more information about the products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (ESD Simulator), also known as ESD Guns, are used to test the immunity of a device to electrostatic discharge. These devices are used in special electromagnetic compatibility...
2014 08 22
Friction, pressure and separation are the major causes of static electricity. This process is called the Triboelectric Effect ("tribo" means rubbing). The triboelectric effect is responsible for the shock you receive from a car door after you slide out...
2014 08 22
Since most ESD is generated by movement, grounding the biggest source of activity that generates electric charges, people, is an essential element of ESD prevention. Luckily the human body is a good conductor in the world of ESD, with a resistance between
2014 08 22
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