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BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun1 1
BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun1 1

BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun1

Hand-held and high-performance ionizing air gun


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    The Model BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun is a hand-held and high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications, mainly used to eliminating dust and neutralizing static. The Ionizing Air Gun features easy-to-use, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc. 

    Features of BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun:
    * Fashion and novel appearance
    * With the humanization design, ionizing air gun is convenient maintenance, so can improve working efficiency
    * With a built-in piezoelectric transformer and no exposed high voltage wire, the ionizing air gun is safe for using
    * High efficiency static elimination, excellent Ionic Balance, failure warning function
    * Using air plug to linking the power, ensuring safety for operators
    * Circumscribing a reliable HEPA Filter for purifying the environment

    Specifications of BFN-HFG9 Ionizing Air Gun:
    Ion-generating Mode: Corona Discharge Mode
    Ion Output Voltage: 2.2KV
    Ion Balance Control Mode: Self-Poise
    Static Decay Time: ≤1.0S
    * Ion Balance Voltage: ≤±15V
    Power Supply: DC24V/500mA output (power input AC220/50HZ or AC110/60HZ)
    Pressure of Air: ≤0.6MPA
    Operating Distance: 100mm~800mm
    Ozone Concentration: ≤0.002ppm
    Windpipe Connector Spec: Diameter ф6 mm
    Environment Temperature: 0℃~50℃
    Environment Humidity: 20%~80%RH (without frost)
    Cable Length: 2m
    Weight of Ionizing Blower: 250g±5g(Gun body)
    Material: ABS Fireproofing
    Color: Light grey
    Dimensions: (Weight*Height*Depth) 127mm×198mm×28mm

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