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BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle1 1
BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle1 1

BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle1

The Model BFN-HFN9 is a portable and high-performance ionizing air nozzle


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    The Model BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle is a portable and high-performance ionizing air nozzle designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications, mainly used to eliminating dust and neutralizing static. The Ionizing Air nozzle produces a high-velocity ionized air flow which simultaneously cleans and neutralises static charges on parts and materials.

    Features of BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle:
    * Fashion and novel appearance
    With the humanization design, ionizing air gun is convenient maintenance, so can improve working efficiency
    With a built-in piezoelectric transformer and no exposed high voltage wire, the ionizing air gun is safe for using
    High efficiency static elimination, excellent Ionic Balance, failure warning function
    Using air plug to linking the power, ensuring safety for operators
    Circumscribing a reliable HEPA Filter for purifying the environment

    Specifications of BFN-HFN9 Ionizing Air Nozzle:
    Ion-generating Mode: Corona Discharge Mode
    Ion Output Voltage: 2.2KV
    Ion Balance Control Mode: Self-Poise
    Static Decay Time: ≤1.0S
    Ion Balance Voltage: ≤±15V
    Power Supply: DC24V/500mA output (power input AC220/50HZ or AC110/60HZ)
    Pressure of Air: ≤0.6MPA
    Operating Distance: 100mm~800mm
    Ozone Concentration: ≤0.002ppm
    Windpipe Connector Spec: Diameter ф6 mm
    Environment Temperature: 0℃~50℃
    Environment Humidity: 20%~80%RH (without frost)
    * Cable Length: 2m
    Weight of Ionizing Blower: 153g±5g(Gun body)
    Material: Cold rolled steel plate
    Color: Light grey
    Dimensions: (Weight*Height*Depth) 34mm×45mm×115mm

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