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ECO-F412 Horizontal AC Ionizing Blower 1
ECO-F412 Horizontal AC Ionizing Blower 1

ECO-F412 Horizontal AC Ionizing Blower

Features large air output and short neutralization time


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    The Model ECO-F412 Ionizing Blower features large air output and short neutralization time. It is the ideal static-eliminating and dust-eliminating device for plastic process, optics instrument, glass process and so on. Equipped with crosscurrent type fan and with excellent performance, little noise and large air output, this horizontal AC Ionizing blower can protect products in transit from being second contaminated. It also can supply warm air and the environment temperature can be increased by 2-3 degree centigrade when heater is turned on. For this feature, it is more suitable for areas where the temperature is lower.

    Features of ECO-F412 Ionizing Blower:
    Large air output, neutralizing static quickly
    The wind adjustment range is wide
    Special cleaner for Ion emitter
    Excellent grounding and protection function
    Fixed self-balancing function

    Specifications of ECO-F412 Ionizing Blower:
    * Working Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
    Working Current: 1.5Amps or 3.0Amps
    Air Output: 200CFM (at the highest air speed)                        
    Ion Balance Voltage: ≤±10V  
    Working Distance: 300mm~2000mm
    Working Temperature: 0℃~5 0℃
    Working Humidity: 35%~75%RH
    Material: cold rolled steel plates
    Dimensions: D210mmX W504mmXH105mm
    Color: off-white
    Weight: 8.2kg

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