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ESD Antistatic Agent 1
ESD Antistatic Agent 2
ESD Antistatic Agent 1
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ESD Antistatic Agent

An antistatic agent is a compound used for treatment of materials


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    An antistatic agent is a compound used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity generally caused by the triboelectric effect. Its role is to make the surface or the material itself slightly conductive, either by being conductive itself, or by absorbing moisture from the air, so some humectants can be used. The molecules of an antistatic agent often have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas, similar to those of a surfactant; the hydrophobic side interacts with the surface of the material, while the hydrophilic side interacts with the air moisture and binds the water molecules.

    Antistatic agents offer a solution to problems related to the accumulation of electric charges on plastic materials such as spark formation during processing and dust attraction during storage.

    Shenzhen HORB can provide the following antistatic agents:

    ESD Antistatic Agent 3
    Staticide Anti-Bacterial Static Dissipative Soap Staticide Instant Hand Sanitizer Staticide Restorer/ Cleaner Staticide Acrylic Floor Wax Staticide Acrylic
    ESD Antistatic Agent 4
    Staticide Anti-Static Neutralizer Cleaner Staticide Zero V.O.C Staticide Anti-Static Floor Stripper Staticide Mat & Table Top Cleaner Staticide ESD Hand Lotion
    ESD Antistatic Agent 5
    Heavy Duty Staticide General Purpose Staticide Concentrate Staticide Staticide Anti-Static Latex Paints
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