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Metal Toughened Glass Door Series Dry Cabinets,415L 1
Metal Toughened Glass Door Series Dry Cabinets,415L 1

Metal Toughened Glass Door Series Dry Cabinets,415L

Metal Toughened Glass Door Dry Cabinets; Double-door; with 6 layers; Cubage: 415L


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    Metal Toughened Glass Door Series Dry Cabinets & Nitrogen Cabinet

    * External Size: W604*D530*H1470mm
    * Internal Size: W585*D500*H700mm(upside),720mm(underside)
    * Cubage: 415L

    * With automatic high efficient quiet dehumidification.
    * Without any objects inside for two or three hours can reach a low humidity level.
    * Advantageous dehumidification structure design enables stable work throughout one year, no influence by the temperature difference. And continuous moisture absorb during power failure period
    * There is no need for using electricity, no peculiar smell, and no environment pollution by adopting special absorbing material, at the same time, purifying the air in the cabinet during absorbing moisture.
    * High safety without frost, water dropping, re-humidification.
    * Mechanical humidity controller has no limit, as the humidity arrives a set value, main power supplier will be automatically cut-off.
    * There is an up - down trapdoor in the electronic dehumidification controller, with a pair of dehumidity windows both above and under and particular moisture absorbing material.
    * When the trapdoor opens to the inside and the absorbing material absorbs moisture from the dehumidity windows, the humidity inside the cabinet will decrease.
    * Plug-in the cabinet for reheating and regenerating the absorbing material, the trapdoor opens to the outside to get rid of the moisture.
    * The dehumidification time is set through the controller, the controller will be automatically off until the humidity inside is up to a set level.
    * Only dehumidification will use electricity. During absorbing moisture, no electricity will be use, absorbing time is about 4.5 hours which is longer than the dehumidification time (about 40 minutes)
    * Therefore, our cabinet will save 1/4 electricity power less than other controller and be your great electricity saver.
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