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HORB Launches a New Generation of Static Eliminator: BFN-HFG10 Handheld Ionizing Air Gun


The model BFN-HFG10 ionizing air gun is a newly self-developed product of Shenzhen HORB launched in 2015. And we can say that it is an improved ionizing air gun based on BFN-HFG9. The model BFN-HFG10 is a movable static eliminator for eliminating dust and neutralizing static electricity, and features easy-to-use, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc. Also there are many other advantages such as: 

1. Streams are switched by solenoid valves.

2. It can start working quickly and easily.

3. Fashion and novel appearance.

4. Light in weight and only 110g, so it is comfort for long time operation and the operator will not feel tired.

In a word, the model BFN-HFG10 is a perfect hand-held and high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of industries, such as electronic manufacturing, food manufacturing, medical and assembly applications, and so on.

HORB Launches a New Generation of Static Eliminator: BFN-HFG10 Handheld Ionizing Air Gun 1

Specifications of this model BFN-HFG10 Ionizing Air Gun:

Ion-generating Mode

 Corona Discharge Mode

Ion Output Voltage


Ion Balance Control Mode


Static Decay Time


Ion Balance Voltage


Power Supply

 DC24V/500mA output (power input AC220/50HZ or AC110/60HZ)

Pressure of Air


Operating Distance


Ozone Concentration


Windpipe Connector Spec

Diameter ф6 mm

Working Environment

 Environment Temperature:0℃~50℃; Environment Humidity: 20%~80%RH (without frost)

Cable Length


Weight of Ionizing Blower



 ABS Fireproofing


 Light grey


Power Box: W166mm x H84mm x D35.5mm

Gun Body: W210mm x H87mm x D26.5mm

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