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Surface Resistance Meter BFN-TR1380 1
Surface Resistance Meter BFN-TR1380 1

Surface Resistance Meter BFN-TR1380

The Model TR1380 is a high-quality, portable, battery-operated Surface Resistance Meter
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    The Model TR1380 Surface Resistance Meter is a high-quality, portable, battery-operated Surface Resistance Meter designed to precisely measure surface or volume resistance on a wide variety of conductive, dissipative, and insulative materials. It employs a measurement technique which conforms to ANSI/ESD Association standards for measuring surface resistance, resistivity, and volume resistance including STM2.1 for garments, S4.1 for work surfaces, S7.1 for flooring, STM9.1 for footwear, STM11.11 for planar materials, STM11.12 for volume resistance (IEC 61340-2-3), STM12.1 for seating, STM11.13 for two point resistance measurement and STM97.1 for floor materials/footwear.


    * Power Supply: 9V
    * Resistivity: 10E3-10E12ohms/sq
    * Resistance: 10E3-10E12ohms
    * Measuring: 10V and 100V
    * Size: (L*W*H) 132*W75*H35mm
    * Wight: 110g (exclude the battery)
    * Material: ABS plastic
    * Color: Black

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