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Anti-Static Floor Cleaner
Anti-Static Floor Cleaner
  • Anti-Static Floor Cleaner


Anti-Static Floor Cleaner
The Staticide 4100 Restorer Cleaner renews static decay properties, surface resistivity and the durability of ACL floor finishes. Special conductive additives clean while simultaneously breaking down electrical discharge and returning floor finishes to safe specifications. No harmful chemicals like ammonia, phosphates, alkali, nonylphenol (NP), or nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) are used in the formulation. This special detergent can be applied with a mop or in a standard burnishing machine for easy application.

* Removes black heel marks
* Lengthens maintenance cycle
* Revitalizes gloss
* Dilution ratio 1:10 (1 part cleaner to 10 parts water)
* Covers approximately 1000 - 1500 square feet per diluted gallon


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