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Staticide 4020 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate
Staticide 4020 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate
  • Staticide 4020 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate
  • Staticide 4020 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

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ACL anti-static neutral cleaners provide constant detergency and can be used in all facilities, as they leave no film or streaks and are safe for septic and sewage systems. Anti-static properties of production environments will not be degraded with these non-abrasive cleaners.

4020 Neutral Cleaner will yield a high volume of cleaner allowing facilities to save on storage space and the cost of pre-mixed material. Convenient when using with auto scrubbers in large facilities.

* Dilute 1:128 cleaner to water
* Covers approximately 10,000 sq. ft. per gallon
* Use on concrete, painted floors, ESD tile, and ESD epoxy.


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