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Four-Layer Antistatic Stainless Steel Cart 1
Four-Layer Antistatic Stainless Steel Cart 1

Four-Layer Antistatic Stainless Steel Cart

Antistatic Stainless Steel Cart, Four layers, Hight quality
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    Anti Static Stainless Steel Cart 

    HORB is an efficient manufacturer and exporter of Anti Static Stainless Steel Carts, which are manufactured using high quality stainless steel.

    * Anti Static Stainless Steel Carts
    * Material: Stainless steel
    * Surface Resistance: 10E4~10E6ohm
    * Any dimensions and specifications are available on request
    * Anti-static cart with 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers, 5 layers, 6 layers and so on. And With four wheels.
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