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Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap
Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap
  • Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap
  • Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap

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Anti-Static Cordless Wrist Strap is also called Anti-Static Wireless Wrist Strap, how does a cordless wrist strap work? It follows corona and point discharge. Charge building up discharges when it reaches a limit to eliminate electrostatic.
In the inside of the antistatic cordless wrist strap has a little metal button that touches your skin and is attached by wire to, the other end, which clips to ground, and the static is drained off from the button, through the wire, across the clip and into the ground. A piece of copper wire wrapped around your wrist and clipped to ground would do the same thing. In other words there is no such thing as a cordless static discharge strap.

* Protect sensitive electronic components from ESD
* Easy to use, reliable
* Discharge time:<0.5s
* Inner conducting layer is made of stainless shell filaments; Easily adjustable, includes extra strap


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