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Antistatic Slippers / ESD Slippers
Antistatic Slippers / ESD Slippers
  • Antistatic Slippers / ESD Slippers
  • Antistatic Slippers / ESD Slippers

  • Specification/ Manual : Antistatic Slippers / ESD Slippers
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The ESD SPU Slipper has one piece construction of SPU upper and a unique static dissipative SPU sole. This design makes sure human body eliminating static charges fast to ground via the static dissipative sole, and it does not utilize any copper foil for electrical conductivity.

Features of ESD SPU Slipper:
* Non-marking, anti-slip sole 
* Easy to wash - Excellent electrical properties
* Surface resistance: <109 ohms 
* System resistance: 1.0x106-1.0x109 ohms (STM97.1-1999) 
* Color: Blue, Black, White 


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