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ECO-C01 Static-elimination Ionizing Air Bar
ECO-C01 Static-elimination Ionizing Air Bar
  • ECO-C01 Static-elimination Ionizing Air Bar
  • ECO-C01 Static-elimination Ionizing Air Bar

  • Specification/ Manual : ECO-C01 Static-elimination Ionizing Air Bar
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ECO-C01 Ionizing Air Bar or Air Curtain is a kind of firm fixing type static-elimination device and belongs to bar type static-elimination products. It features convenient installation, safe and steady working state, short static elimination time, etc. It suit especially for all kinds of winding machines, printing machines and assembly lines.

Features of ECO-C01 Ionizing Air Bar:
* Quick neutralizing static
* Safe and steady working performance
* Simple and convenient installation
* This equipment possesses good grounding protection
* Safe design and no electric shock hazard
* Large effective coverage when compressed air is blown.

Specifications of ECO-C01 Ionizing Air Bar:
* Working Voltage: 7.0kV
* Working Current: 0.52mA/M
* Weight: 500g/M
* Effective Coverage: 20mm~60mm
* Available Production Length: 20cm~2mm
* Compressed Air Pressure: 0.3~0.6Mpa
* Ozone Concentration: 0.04ppm
* Environment Temperature: 0℃~50℃


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