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Foot Protection Sign Green
Foot Protection Sign Green
  • Foot Protection Sign Green


Foot Protection Sign

A Foot Protection Sign or Safety Footwear Sign is a reminder to employees to remove conductive footwear on leaving the EPA or the changing room.

In many work environments, the proper protective gear is necessary in order to make sure workers remain safe. Safety shoes are just one example of this protective gear. Situations that call for this kind of gear are those in which there is a threat of heavy materials or equipment in the area, falling or rolling objects, or objects that could pierce the sole of an employee’s shoe. Regardless of what the specific threat is, proper precautions are necessary, and the use of foot protection signs to remind workers to take precautionary action is crucial.

HORB provides foot protection signs to help keep your employees safe in every dangerous environment. Our OSHA foot protection required signs are the perfect way to alert em


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